Sky Pilot

Second time up Sky Pilot this summer but it’s a great route so why not?

Tricouni Peak East Ridge – Cypress Peak

Hadn’t been up the East Ridge of Tricouni yet, what a great route! Had enough time to wander over to Cypress peak while we were at it. Good times with Ziff and John !

Armchair Traverse

What a day. Ziff, John and I had an incredible traversing from Cook to Weart. Fantastic scrambling over 4th class terrain, spectacular views and a sea of clouds below. Certainly worth the effort.

Co Pilot

Got out with Teresa and Antony for a trip up  Co Pilot  


Been more than a few years since I’ve been up Slalok. Great trip with Grahame and John.  

Elaho Valley

Great day trip up an unnamed peak in the Elaho Valley.

Devil’s Tongue

Doug, Mark and I went out for a long day and climbed Devil’s Tongue. Good times!

Seagram Lake

Grahame, Mike, Doug, Blair and I had a great day hiking from Squamish Main Branch 220 up to Seagram Lake. What a beautiful place! Check out Doug’s Trip Report.

Mount Chief Pascal

Gabe, Stephen and I spent a day on the Duffey climbing Mount Chief Pascal

Crown Mountain Crater Slabs

Anna and I had a fantastic day climbing Crown Mountain via the Crater Slabs route. Great fun just outside of Vancouver!

Brew Hut

Rohan and I headed out to Brew Hut.

Mount Hanover

Antony and i checked out the north side of hanover.

Mountain Lakes Hut

Jan and i had a great trip into the mountain lakes area. We climbed Ledge, Sky Pilot, Sheer and Ben Lomond.

Mount McGuire

Since the current access to Mount mcGuire is washed out I checked out the access from Tamihi. It provides a nice route to the summit.

Mount Hatfield

Hatfield is a nice looking peak, but the bushwacking was enough to prevent me from ever returning.

Mount Ronayne

Got out with a good group of people for an ascent of Ronayne.

Gott Creek West Fork

Dave, Richard and I got a good fall trip into the Duffey. Check out Dave’s Photos Check out Rich’s Photos

Callaghan Mountain

I had a great solo day trip up Callaghan Peak. What a beautiful area!

Downton Creek

Dora, Gabe, Sabette, Teresa and Antony and I went for a great weekend in Downton Creek. What an amazing area.

Conway Peak

Got out with a few friends for a fun hike up Conway Peak in Cheam Range. Check out Dave’s Photos

Athelney Pass

Had a great trip up to Athelney Pass with a Dora, Grahame, Rich and Jan.. What a beautiful area! Check out Grahame’s Photos Check out Rich’s Photos

Mount Robie Reid

Fantastic! This is an awesome trip. A must do for the coastal scrambler.

Mount Urquhart

Rich, Andre and I had a great day scrambling up Mount Urquhart. Check out Rich’s Photos

Elusive Peak

Rich and I headed up to Elusive Peak for the day. My car broke down, but we were rescued by a friendly couple with ATV’s. Check out Rich’s Photos

Mount Murchison

Nathan and I went up to Echo Lake to look for some fun scrambling. We found a lot of bush whacking!