Garibaldi Lake

March 2004

I spent almost a week at Garibaldi Lake over the spring break period this year with a ever changing crew. Chris Gooliaff, Dan Clark, Colin Cheng, Neil Piller and Sandy Boyd were all there for different amounts of time. The focus of the trip was largely social, and we spent many enjoyable evenings eating, drinking and goofing around in the comfort of a gas heated and lit ranger cabin. On day 1 we managed to ski up Deception Peak and got a pretty good run coming back down to the lake from just below the summit. The snow wasn’t ideal, but it was pretty good terrain. After that the snow started to come down, and we spent the rest of the week skiing lines of Price. The snow quality improved over the week and by the end we were skiing some pretty nice pow. It was a great trip, especially because of the good company through out the week.