Sigurd Creek

Neil and I climbed Sigurd Peak a the north end of the Tantalus Range. The ascent was acutally quite a long trip up through the trees but the views of Ossa and Pelion made it all worthwhile. It took a little longer to reach the summit than expected, so we wound up in quite a time crunch to get home for a dinner date with the lady friends. We practically had to run the entire way down, which was over 6000 ft of elevation. My knees were pretty sore by the time we reached the truck, but we made it back to town only slightly late and didn’t loose our reservation. Whew!

East Ridge of Sigurd Peak

Ascending the east ridge (finally out of the trees). Squamish River and Cloudburst in the background.

On the ridge

Views of Ossa and Pelion

Pelion (great ski route)

Good view of Ossa.