Zoa Peak

Gabe and I headed up to Zoa on a day with High avalanche hazard. We took it pretty mellow and stuck to the ridge.

Cowboy Ridge & The Corral

Dora, Elizabeth, Nathan and I headed off to Singing Pass for a weekend of tree skiing. The snow was excellent.

Steep Creek

January 14-15, 2005 I hadn’t been to Steep Creek in years, and I had been itching to return. Grahame, Chris and I headed up for an overnight trip. We had a leisurely start on saturday morning and only managed to squeak in onr short run after dropping our camping gear. The next morning we had…

Cayoosh Mountain

Stephen Ziff, Colin Cheng and I headed up to Cayoosh Mountain for a day of touring. We managed to get one run down the east glacier in bad visisbility. After that we skiied three runs in moderate angled trees and called it a day.

Musical Bumps

More touring with Ziff in the Whistler backcountry.