Spearhead Traverse

February 19, 2006 With good avalanche conditions (danger was rated low across the board), a good weather forecast and fast travel conditions, it looked like the perfect time to head out on a long tour. I had wanted to do the Spearhead Traverse as a day trip (Spearhead-in-a-day) for some time. Stephen Ziff was super…

Cayoosh Mountain

February, 13, 2006 Grahame Quam, Jim Meldrum and I skied off the summit of Cayoosh Mountain.

Mount Matier Northwest Face

Febrauary 11, 2006 What an amazing day. We had an awesome group with a good vibe. things went really smooth. The objective The crew. Left to right: Matt Gunn, Jim Meldrum, Stephen Ziff, Chris Gooliaff, Martin Holloway, Grahame Matier as seen from the approach Skinning up Cabin Ridge Our first view of the northwest face…

Marriott Basin

February 8-10, 2006 Went to Marriott Basin with a St. George’s group. The weather and snow were awesome, which made for a great week.

Mount Sproatt

February 5, 2005 I had planned to ski up Sproatt with quite a crew on Sunday, but for whatever reason only Chris Gooliaff and I ended up at the trailhead. No matter, Chris and I were due for a trip down memory lane. Back in the old days, we couldn’t find other trip partners to…