Mount Sproatt

February 5, 2005

I had planned to ski up Sproatt with quite a crew on Sunday, but for whatever reason only Chris Gooliaff and I ended up at the trailhead. No matter, Chris and I were due for a trip down memory lane. Back in the old days, we couldn’t find other trip partners to save our lives. Unfortunately I forgot my lunch in the car. Chris kindly split his meager lunch with me, and we pretty much starved. We polished off almost every last morsel of food at 11:30 in a fit of gluttony. The only thing we had for the rest of the day was a box of cough drops; of course they were sugar free. Despite this set back we had a great day on this nice little tour out of Whistler.

Chris and Matt, the Dynamic Duo

Yup….. Blue Steel

Entering the hanging valley

Mount Sproatt summit

Believe it or not, there are trees under all that rime

A nice descent back to the hanging valley