Phelix Creek: Waddington Hut

April 14-17, 2006

A group of us had planned to do the Blackcomb-Currie Traverse over Easter, but a bad weather forecast set us onto Plan B, Phelix Creek. It turned out to be a good decision and we had a great 4 days at the hut. It was a bit tricky to find the good snow and the stability wasn’t fantastic but we still managed climb Aragron, tour through mosts of the basins close to the hut and get some good turns in.

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Day 1, Friday

We started the trip in a steady drizzle just below the bottom edge of snowline. Things could only improve.

Starting up the logging road.

Crossing the lake towards the hut.

A quick skin in the fading light.

A few nice turns before calling it quits for the day.

Day 2, Saturday

Taking advantage of some good weather, we headed up to the Aragorn Glacier for a nice ski ascent.

Below the east face of Galdalf.

Ascending the Aragorn Glacier

Day 3, Sunday

Sunday was a bit of a mixed bag for weather but we managed to visit several different basins around the hut.

Touring southwest of the hut.

The Crew: Elizabeth, Nathan, Todd and Matt

Todd finds a nice line

Ascending to the col south of Gandalf.

At the col we held a contest to see who could sit on a rock in a snowstorm for the longest time. No winners were declared

Nathan on some nice northeast powder.

Ascending “Cabin Hill” for an afternoon run.

Jungle Speed! Besides our crew of four, there were six other fun folks, so we all joined up for this fun game.

Day 4, Monday

On Monday it was time to head home, so we packed up and hit one last basin before skiing out.

Crossing the lake on the way out.

At the top of a nice basin southeast of the hut.

Uh Oh! Equipment Failure. My handy repair comes into use and we escape with ease.

You know you’re skiing in the Coast Mountains when….