Mount Shuksan White Salmon Glacier

May 14, 2006

Todd, Kari and I hooked up for an ascent of Mount Shuksan.

Check out Todd’s pictures from the trip.

It’s 3:06 am. Why are they smiling?

Bootpacking up a steep pitch of the White Salmon

Nearing the top of the White Salmon Glacier

Todd bootpacks up Winnie’s Slide

Heading towards Curtis Glacier

Final climb onto Curtis Glacier

Kari at the Base of Hell’s Highway

On the Sulphide Glaicer. As opposed to the White Slamon route, there are other parties on the Sulphide

Shuksan’s Hillary Step. A mountaineering class is in the process of fixing ropes up the summit block.

Todd of the final climb to the summit. We sneak past the throng.

Todd, Kari and Matt at the summit.

Kari descending back into the summit coulior. Look out below!! Hear Kari’s description of the ascent.

Excuse me. Pardon me…

We chill out on the Sulphide with the intent of letting the White Salmon soften to corn.

At 12:30 we start heading down.

Ready to exit the Curtis Glacier.

Skiing down to Winnie’s Slide.

Todd skis down Winnie’s Slide.

Kari on the upper White Salmon Glacier

Todd skis the lower White Salmon Glacier.

Skiing out the bottom of the White Salmon.

The unfortunate climb back up to Chair 8. Not what I wanted that afternoon.

Mount Shuksan from the ski area lodge. The White Salmon Glacier ascends to the right hand ridge.

Todd, Kari and Matt. Happy to be back at the car.