Cheam Peak

June 11, 2006

Jonathan, Hugo and I went our for a day trip up Cheam. We had pretty much every type of weather thown at us during the day, but still managed to climb Cheam and get some great turns in.

Check out Jonathan’s pictures from the day.

OK, the whole spring skiing thing can be a bit contrived at times.

Hmmm… What shoudl we do about hte “meadow problem”?

Dynafit Problem. The plastic clip for my ski crampons breaks. Damn!

Bootpacking up Cheam. Lady in the background.

The final ascent to the summit.

Jonathan, Hugo and Matt at the summit.

Hugo on the upper slopes of Cheam.

Jonathan skiing a great chute from the Cheam-Lady Col down to Spoon Lake.

The weather forecast had called for thundershowers in the afternoon. Here they are!

The Chilliwack Valley = motorized recreation!