Volcan Llaima Ski Descent

August 23, 2006

Volcan Llaima had the most interesting summit I’ve ever visisted. It also offered one of the best ski descents I’ve ever had. I had a goooooood day here!

Llaima from farms below.

We ascended the right hand skyline ridge and descended near the left hand skyline.

Early start skinning up the ski resort.

Crossing the plateau above the resort.

Pat is carefully using features in the rock hard snow.

Lanin and Villarrica in the background.

Happy to be up high!

Ascending the final summit cone.

At the summit.

The summit crater. We did a spectacular traverse along the rim to the right. Click for larger view.

Pat on the rim.

Skiing ofrom just a bit below the summit.

Rime gives way to corn.

Time to open it up!

Lonquimay in the background. Tomorrow’s project.

High speed fun as we come to the plateau.

Pat screams across the plateau towards the resort.

Llaima, the monkey puzzle trees and our Fiat Rental.