Volcan Lonquimay Ski Descent

August 24, 2006

By the time Pat and went to ski Lonquimay we were in an awesome groove. We had a fantastic time skiing off thedos_gringos summit of Lonquimay and hit it at the right time. It was a great end to the volcano tour.

Lonquimay. We climbed and descended the right hand flank.

Pat skiing towards the base..

Pat loving life on the uphill.
What’s going on Pat? Here’s what he has to say: dos_gringos

Good views of our ascent. We started at treeline below.

A nice ridge leading towards the summit.

At the summit crater.

Turns off the top.

Perfect corn.

More perfect skiing.

Lava flats in the background.

Llaima behind Pat. Conditions were perfect for big, fast turns.

What a descent!