Cerro Lopez Ski Descent

August 28, 2006

I squeaked Cerro Lopez in at the end of my trip and I was quite happy to have gotten it. It’s very visible from town and makes a good ski destination for a day trip. We did this trip again starting at the lower trailhead, but instead of hiking up the road we hiked up the trail that runs parallel to the main creek. We hiked up in running shoes for the initial steep section of the trail until we hit enough snow to warrant skinning.

Cerro Lopez in morning light. Click for a larger view.

The approach hike to Refugio Lopez. Click for a larger view.

Refugio Lopez. It’s huge!

A student group that spent the night in the hut. I’m pretty happy we didn’t decide to sleep here!

Zach on the ascent.

Zach keeps climbing.

Paul and Zack, still bootpacking!

Paul nearing the summit.

Matt at the top. Tronador is behind on the left and Volcan Osorno is on the right.

Zach on some nice corn.

Paul carves the corn.

Zach keeps turning.

Going home!

The crew: Paul, Zach and Matt.