Mount Rohr

Rob, Grahame and I got a good day of touring just before the year ended.

Paul Ridge

Skiing at Red Heather with a big crew.

Cloudburst Mountain

Jas, Rob and I got out for some fun touring on Cloudburst before the road got too snowy to drive.

Brohm Ridge

Antony and I got out for a day of good weather touring in early November. Unfortunately the snowpack was pretty stiff following some significant rain. Mt Garibaldi makes an appearance Antony – ready for the epic pow! Antony wants ski crampons! Corn skiing in November. Great views of the Tantalus Tantalus and sea of clouds….

Mount Baker: Heliotrope Ridge

Jeff and I had some great early season turns at Mount Baker! Being the first trip of the season, I was a bit worried I would forget some important piece of equipment (like fresh transceiver batteries the previous year). Sticking with tradition I managed to leave the insoles for my ski boots in a pair…

Gott Creek West Fork

Dave, Richard and I got a good fall trip into the Duffey. Check out Dave’s Photos Check out Rich’s Photos

Callaghan Mountain

I had a great solo day trip up Callaghan Peak. What a beautiful area!

Downton Creek

Dora, Gabe, Sabette, Teresa and Antony and I went for a great weekend in Downton Creek. What an amazing area.

Conway Peak

Got out with a few friends for a fun hike up Conway Peak in Cheam Range. Check out Dave’s Photos

Athelney Pass

Had a great trip up to Athelney Pass with a Dora, Grahame, Rich and Jan.. What a beautiful area! Check out Grahame’s Photos Check out Rich’s Photos

Cypress Falls

Ziff and I joined a Utah crew for a very fun trip down Cypress Falls. WOW! Canyoneering rocks! Check out Some great photos by Dan Ransom: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Mount Robie Reid

Fantastic! This is an awesome trip. A must do for the coastal scrambler.

Mount Urquhart

Rich, Andre and I had a great day scrambling up Mount Urquhart. Check out Rich’s Photos

Elusive Peak

Rich and I headed up to Elusive Peak for the day. My car broke down, but we were rescued by a friendly couple with ATV’s. Check out Rich’s Photos

Mount Murchison

Nathan and I went up to Echo Lake to look for some fun scrambling. We found a lot of bush whacking!                     

Mount Fee (attempt)

Kelly and I attempted Mt. Fee. We turned back a few meters from the summit, which was loose and unpleasant. I have no interest in trying this again in the summer…

Alpaca Peak

Phil and I headed out for a great scramble up Alpaca off the Coquihalla Highway. Lots of nice open ridges to explore!

Pelion Mountain

Mark and I had planned a trip up to Chimai, but the Buck Slide on the Ashlu Road left us searching for options. Pelion was nearby and makes for a great day so we headed up Sigurd Creek.

Faceless Mountain

Rob and I joined Mary and Lorrie for an ascent of Faceless. Rob and I skied the north face of Faceless to make a great loop. Tons of fun!

Boulder Creek

June 30, 2007 Fighting the end of the season, a small team of skiers headed up Boulder Creek searching for skiable terrain. How far does it make sense to hike in ski boots?

Sun God

June 20, 2007 Mark and I climbed the north face of Sun God and had a fantastic run down. Unfortunately we didn’t start early enough and spent too much time of the summit, the result of which was the closest call I’ve had in the mountians in some time. A chunck of cornice which had…

Wedge Mountain: Northwest Couloir

June 2-3, 2007 Finally! After an aborted attempt and much waiting I finally got to ski Wedge. I headed up with Scott and a contingent of VOCers – Pitor, Christian and Line. Although we didn’t get a hard freeze Saturday night, the couloir was still in excellent ski conditions. Check out Christian’s Photos Day 1…

Mount Ronayne

May 19, 2007 Nelson and I skied a north facing couloir on Ronayne.

Garibaldi Neve Traverse

May 12, 2007 Elizabeth, Nathan and I set out to do the Garibaldi Neve traverse as a day trip, the neve-in-a-day. We had good weather and a fantastic day. Fortunately we met up with our friends Rob, Doug and Grahame and spent the second half of the day with them. Good times! Check out Rob’s…

Mount Rohr

April 21, 2007 More good times in the Duffey with good buddies Rob and Grahame. We explored some of the excellent north face slopes in a basin near Mount Rohr. So many slopes, so little time…

Blackcomb-Currie Ski Traverse

April 7-9, 2007 A fantastic trip with great touring partners. Inclement weather provided some challenges along the way but didn’t dampen spirits. Rather than exit the rough exit of Gravell Creek we curled into the northwest face and descend the major gully below the Y Couloir. Good times all round! Day 1 Day 2 Day…

Mount Currie

Checking out steep lines on Mount Currie, bootpacking from Pemberton to sort out the exit route.

Steep Creek

March 31, 2007 Good times in Steep Creek with a good crew of friends. Another good day on on the Duffey.

Mount Rohr

Touring off Mount Rohr with Ziff and Toby.