Mount Duke

January 27, 2007 Dan, Chris, Marty and I made our way up Certise Creek, past Vantage Peak and up to summit Mount Duke for a nice descent of the northwest face.

Saxifrage Mountain

January 14, 2007 Another great day in the Duffey area. Headed up Saxifrage from North Joffre Peak to make a descent of the east face.

Tszil Mountain

January 13, 2007 Beautiful weather and low avi hazard gave an opportunity to get up and and tour in the Duffye alpine. Another good day in the hills.

Vantage Ridge: Birthday Chute

January 11, 2007 A quick lap up Vantage Ridge for a few nice turns on good north facing terrain. Ended the day with a run down Birthday Chute. Good times on the Duffey!