Mount Murchison

Nathan and I went up to Echo Lake to look for some fun scrambling. We found a lot of bush whacking!                     

Mount Fee (attempt)

Kelly and I attempted Mt. Fee. We turned back a few meters from the summit, which was loose and unpleasant. I have no interest in trying this again in the summer…

Alpaca Peak

Phil and I headed out for a great scramble up Alpaca off the Coquihalla Highway. Lots of nice open ridges to explore!

Pelion Mountain

Mark and I had planned a trip up to Chimai, but the Buck Slide on the Ashlu Road left us searching for options. Pelion was nearby and makes for a great day so we headed up Sigurd Creek.

Faceless Mountain

Rob and I joined Mary and Lorrie for an ascent of Faceless. Rob and I skied the north face of Faceless to make a great loop. Tons of fun!