Athelney Pass

Had a great trip up to Athelney Pass with a Dora, Grahame, Rich and Jan.. What a beautiful area! Check out Grahame’s Photos Check out Rich’s Photos

Cypress Falls

Ziff and I joined a Utah crew for a very fun trip down Cypress Falls. WOW! Canyoneering rocks! Check out Some great photos by Dan Ransom: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Mount Robie Reid

Fantastic! This is an awesome trip. A must do for the coastal scrambler.

Mount Urquhart

Rich, Andre and I had a great day scrambling up Mount Urquhart. Check out Rich’s Photos

Elusive Peak

Rich and I headed up to Elusive Peak for the day. My car broke down, but we were rescued by a friendly couple with ATV’s. Check out Rich’s Photos