Hollyburn was in pretty reasonable condition in January so I made my way up there a number of times with a variety of good folk.

Mount Hanover

Antony and i checked out the north side of hanover.

Mountain Lakes Hut

Jan and i had a great trip into the mountain lakes area. We climbed Ledge, Sky Pilot, Sheer and Ben Lomond.

Mount McGuire

Since the current access to Mount mcGuire is washed out I checked out the access from Tamihi. It provides a nice route to the summit.

Mount Hatfield

Hatfield is a nice looking peak, but the bushwacking was enough to prevent me from ever returning.

Mount Ronayne

Got out with a good group of people for an ascent of Ronayne.

Mount Baker

Ziff, Grahame and I headed up the Coleman-Demming and got some good turns in.

Currie – Wedge Traverse

Had a great day trip form the summit of currie (via heli drop) to Wedgemount Lake and out. Good times! Check out Johannes’ Pictures Check out Pat’s Pictures and Blog

Spearhead Traverse

Rich, Mike and I had a great trip around the Spearhead. We took our time and climbed a ton of peaks. Good times! Rich’s Picts Mike’s Spearhead Powerpoint

Ashlu Elaho Divide Traverse

Mark, Chris, Adrian and I had a great trip along the Ashlu Elaho Divide. We began by climbing up to the Buck-Zig Zag Col and finished by skiing from Porterhouse Peak down to the Ashlu Raod which we skied along back to our car. We had a good weather and a great crew and managed…

McBride Range Traverse

Chris, Cam, Marty and I had a great trip across the Mcbride Range. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Sphinx Hut & Mount Carr

Stu and I spent 3 days at Sphinx Hut. Day 1 Uh oh. Powerline down on Sea to Sky = 3 hour wait. Our mid day departure turns bad. Get out those headlamps. If you look carefully you can see the backpack I left in the car. It was stolen while we were at the…

Snowspider Mountain

Chris, Chris and I climbed snowspider as a day trip. My first sled access ski tour. Wow, super fast!

Mount Thar

Bridget, Lee, Sharon and I did a nice loop on Thar.

North Joffre Creek Loop

Good time with in the North Joffre Creek area. Jesse, what’s on your head? Where’s this guy going? “Check out my avalanche!” Perfect, now everyone has a diary. Wait a second! Jesse’s faking it! I need one of these hats! Ready for the final descent! Good times!

Mount Herman

Did a nice half day tour on Mount Herman from the Mount Baker Ski Area before the snow got too warm.

Cypress Mountain

Rich and I got out for a beautiful morning behind Cypress. Good times! Skinning up the grromers. Beautiful views of the Howe Sound. Rich and the East Lion. Strachan’strue summit in background: our destination. Rich and Matt.

Mount Pattison & Mount Trorey

Ziff, GQ, Sasah, Antony and I got out for a fun day in the Blackcomb backcountry. Unfortunately, poor weather caused some delays. This is how I feel after a 5:30 departure. First stop:, backcountry ticket. We’re so keen we have to wait for the gondola to open. So much easier than hiking… What’ll open first?…

Steep Creek

GQ, Rob and I went up to Steep with hopes to ski a nice line above the lake. Unfortunately the avi conditions didn’t look good enough for the run. Bummer… <Please suggest a caption> “So this 4-stroke is only $6000 new, eh?” Hmmm… snow pack looks good here, let’s go for something cool! Oh boy,…

Vantage Peak Northeast Face

Got out with a large crew to tackle Vantage Peak. Despite periods of cloud and wind we decided to head up to the peak and see how things looked for a descent of Vantage’s northeast face. Click here for Jonathan’s pictures. Click here for Jonathan’s video of the slide. Click here for Rob’s pictures. Jonathan…

Mount Currie Y Couloir

Rob, Jesse, GQ and I had a great time skiing the Y Couloir. My second heli drop on Currie in as many weeks! Fun fact: the indigenous name for Mount Currie is Lil’wat, which is the origin of the Lillooet name. Click here for GQ’s pictures or blog posting. Click here for Rob’s pictures. Mount…

Thar Peak

am and I had a good day skiing around Thar Peak. Heading up the Coquihalla. Photo inspired by Rich So! Cam loves his right-hand drive diesel Toyota Hilux. Nice! I’ve got to admit, it’s been a while since I dug a Rutschblock. Great to get the snowpit refresher from Cam. Heading down the north side…

Mount Currie Central Couloir

Cam, JK and I had a great day on Currie. Finally! A match made in heaven! NW face of Currie. Our descent – the central couloir, is marked by the white arrow. JK and Cam scoping out another route, the dogleg pencil chute. JK warming up on the southside. Cam, JK and Matt, ready for…


John and I got out for a great day of joint research. It was pretty fun gathering info together and getting to chat guidebooks all day! Finally breaking out of the trees below the ski terrain. Working up towards the ridge. Great terrain for a day tip. John nearing the ridge. Welcome to the land…

Vantage Peak

Rob, Frank and I got out for a day of touring near Vantage Peak. Rob heads into the nowl north of Vantage. Rob and Matier. Rob, Frank and Matt enjoying the good weather. Now what did that avi bulletin say? Frank in the powder. More Frank powder action. Rob skinning for more runs. Of course,…

Whirlwind Peak

Jonathan and I climbed Whirlwind. Snow quality was excellent and we got in some great turns despite deteriorating weather. Leaving the ski area boundary for Russet Lake. Fantastic skiing as we pass over the Musical Bumps. The steady ascent up Whirlwind. Whirlwind summit ridge. The weather has started to come in. Jonathan and Matt on…