Blackcomb Backcountry: Pattison & Trorey

Ziff, GQ, Sasah, Antony and I got out for a fun day in the Blackcomb backcountry to ski Mount Pattison & Mount Trorey. Unfortunately, poor weather caused some delays.

This is how I feel after a 5:30 departure.

First stop:, backcountry ticket.

We’re so keen we have to wait for the gondola to open.

So much easier than hiking… What’ll open first? 7th Heaven?

The masses are eager for fresh snow!

We manage to set the uptrack to the East Col.

Weather is looking solid. GQ gets some turns.

Antony descends from East Col.

Up Decker.

Looking at objective 1: Trorey.

Sasha enjoys a meatloaf sandwich while waiting for
better visibility to ski Trorey.

“Hey Jimmy? Yeah, we’re on top of Trorey. Could check the afternoon forecast for us?.”

We sneak down Trorey in a break in the weather.

Heading for Pattison.

Nearing Pattison summit.

After more waiting for visibility, GQ leads us down Pattison’s North face.

Ziff and Sasha watch GQ fade into the soup.

Ziff… ready for more!

Heading up to Disease Ridge for a final run.

A good day: Ziff, Antony, GQ, Sasha and Matt.