McBride Range Traverse

Chris, Cam, Marty and I had a great trip across the Mcbride Range. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Sphinx Hut & Mount Carr

Stu and I spent 3 days at Sphinx Hut. Day 1 Uh oh. Powerline down on Sea to Sky = 3 hour wait. Our mid day departure turns bad. Get out those headlamps. If you look carefully you can see the backpack I left in the car. It was stolen while we were at the…

Snowspider Mountain

Chris, Chris and I climbed snowspider as a day trip. My first sled access ski tour. Wow, super fast!

Mount Thar

Bridget, Lee, Sharon and I did a nice loop on Thar.

North Joffre Creek Loop

Good time with in the North Joffre Creek area. Jesse, what’s on your head? Where’s this guy going? “Check out my avalanche!” Perfect, now everyone has a diary. Wait a second! Jesse’s faking it! I need one of these hats! Ready for the final descent! Good times!

Mount Herman

Did a nice half day tour on Mount Herman from the Mount Baker Ski Area before the snow got too warm.

Cypress Mountain

Rich and I got out for a beautiful morning behind Cypress. Good times! Skinning up the grromers. Beautiful views of the Howe Sound. Rich and the East Lion. Strachan’strue summit in background: our destination. Rich and Matt.