McBride Range Traverse

Chris, Cam, Marty and I had a great trip across the Mcbride Range. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Sphinx Hut & Mount Carr

Stu and I spent 3 days at Sphinx Hut. Day 1 Uh oh. Powerline down on Sea to Sky = 3 hour wait. Our mid day departure turns bad. Get out those headlamps. If you look carefully you can see the backpack I left in the car. It was stolen while we were at the…

Snowspider Mountain

Chris, Chris and I climbed snowspider as a day trip. My first sled access ski tour. Wow, super fast!

Mount Thar

Bridget, Lee, Sharon and I did a nice loop on Thar.

North Joffre Creek Loop

Good time with in the North Joffre Creek area. Jesse, what’s on your head? “Check out my avalanche!” Perfect, now everyone has a diary. Wait a second! Jesse’s faking it! I need one of these hats! Good times!

Mount Herman

Did a nice half day tour on Mount Herman from the Mount Baker Ski Area before the snow got too warm.

Hanging Lake

Bridget and I went for a tour above the Whistler Olympic Park up to Hanging Lake.

Cypress Mountain

Rich and I got out for a beautiful morning behind Cypress. Good times! Skinning up the grromers. Beautiful views of the Howe Sound. Rich and the East Lion. Strachan’strue summit in background: our destination. Rich and Matt.