Sphinx Hut & Mount Carr

Stu and I spent 3 days at Sphinx Hut.

Day 1

Uh oh. Powerline down on Sea to Sky = 3 hour wait. Our mid day departure turns bad.
Get out those headlamps.

If you look carefully you can see the backpack I left in the car.
It was stolen while we were at the hut. Bad thief!

The sun had set before we hit the lake.

Happy to be home!

Day 2

Bad visibility made for a tricky ascent of the Bookworm Corridor.

We had to keep stopping to wait for the breaks in the cloud which
allowed us to sneak further up the glacier.

Finally above the clouds!

Carr’s North Ridge.

Stu and Matt at the summit of Carr.

Enjoyable skiing down the Bookworm Corridor.

I decide to make a quick solo ascent of Sphinx starting at 6 pm from the toe of the glacier.

At the summit to watch the sunset.

I was happy to get down the crux before I needed my headlamp.

Checking out the VOC journals back at the hut.
There are some classic articles in there!

Day 3

Heading home.

Stu ready to ski The Barrier.

Descending to Rubble Creek

Tricky snowbrdge on Rubble Creek.

Still more snow to ski!