Ashlu Elaho Divide Traverse

Mark, Chris, Adrian and I had a great trip along the Ashlu Elaho Divide. We began by climbing up to the Buck-Zig Zag Col and finished by skiing from Porterhouse Peak down to the Ashlu Raod which we skied along back to our car. We had a good weather and a great crew and managed to summit Buck, Zig Zag, Storey, Charlie Charlie, Pykett, Icecap and Amicus. It was a great traverse.

Day 1

“All this will fit in my little pack!”

“What did I sign up for?”

Pleasant skining through the steep trees.

Finally, the alpine!

1st task, climb Buck!

En route from Camp 1 to Buck.

Nearing Buck summit.

Camp 1

Enjoying dinner with views of the Tantalus.

Day 2

Zig Zag peak above Camp 1.

The ‘Christmas Tree Pack’ Competition is on!

Leaving Camp 1.

Mt. Buck in the backgound.

Chris heading for Charlie Charlie Summit

Heading to the Pykett – Icecap Col.

Heading towards Pykett

Approach Pykett summit.

Mark, Adrian, Chris and Matt.

Turns off Pykett back to camp.

Chris contemplates another freeze dried meal at the Pykett-Icecap Camp.

Camp 2

Day 3

Good weather in the morning and a view of Amicus.

Ascending Icecap Peak.

Mark, Adrian and Matt on top of Icecap.

Descending towards the base of Amicus.

“Where’s that bank?” – El bandido

Climbing to the col adjacent Amicus.

Heading to the Porterhouse campsite.

Day 4

Porterhouse campsite, Ashlu in the background.

Mark on a Porterhouse attempt. The rest of us are too fearful to leave camp.

Matt at Camp 3.

Chris heads towards the exit col beside Porterhouse through chucks of cornice.

Heading down the valley towards the Ashlu River.

The final descent to treeline.

Ashlu Valley clearcuts.

The long slog down the Ashlu Road begins…

Who loves their skis?

Trab meets Coast Mountains.

Kudos to Adrian! 4 days along the Ashlu Elaho divide and 18 km of logging
roads in heavy Nordica alpine boots!

Adrian, Chris, Mark and Matt. Greasy!!