Blackcomb Backcountry: Decker & Corona

I had a great day out with Ziff in the backcountry of Blackcomb skiing Decker Mountain, Spearhead Glacier and Corona Bowl. What a day! Boxing day was very quiet in Blackcomb backcountry, we saw very few people, likely because of a forecasted strong temperature inversion. Despite the forecast, snow quality remained very good. Ziff and…

Beverley Lake – Hanging Lake Loop

A poor avalanche forecast sent a large crowd of us looking for mellow terrain. what we found was a horrible snow conditions, good weather and great company! Check out Grahame’s picts. Check out Dave’s picts. Malcolm heading up Beverley Creek. Finally, the subalpine! Where’s that lake? Julie and Matt talk project management. Rob, now rocking…

Mount Frosty

Stephen and I checked out the eastern slide path on Mount Frosty. Crossing Lightning Lake towards Mount Frosty. The slide path we skied is directly above Stephen in the photo. Uh Oh, not quite enough snowpack for a good ski track. Skinning in the pleasant Larch forest. Views back to Lightning Lakes. Heading up the…

Cerise Creek

Florian and I got out for a nice day on bad snow in the Cerise Creek area.

Cerise Creek

Had a fairly large crew up at the Duffey. Check out Dave’s photos.

Chief Pascal

What a day! After my less than stellar first day of skiing in the season, I was feeling desperate for a good day in the snow. After watching a week of record setting snowfall from my cubicle I was feeling super keen. I wasn’t alone; as plans were made Friday night it looked like the…

Seagram Lake

Grahame, Mike, Doug, Blair and I had a great day hiking from Squamish Main Branch 220 up to Seagram Lake. What a beautiful place! Check out Doug’s Trip Report.

Mount Chief Pascal

Gabe, Stephen and I spent a day on the Duffey climbing Mount Chief Pascal

Crown Mountain Crater Slabs

Anna and I had a fantastic day climbing Crown Mountain via the Crater Slabs route. Great fun just outside of Vancouver!

Brew Hut

Rohan and I headed out to Brew Hut.

Cypress Peak

Stephen and I finished off the season with a spring tour up Cypress Peak.

Mount Price

Good tour in the Garibaldi Lake are with Doug, John and Dave.

Mount Seymour

Quick tour on the North Shore with Stephen. About the Author | Contact Cairn | ©2006 Cairn Publishing

Marriott Basin

Made a nice little loop tour in the Marriott Basin area with Grahame, Mike and Kurt.

Mount Rohr

Touring on Rohr with GQ and Kubik. Good times with good folk!

Steep Creek

Great times touring in Steep Creek off the Duffey.

Markhor Peak

More Coquihalla touring with Jesse, Stephen and Chris.

Mount Ann

Beautiful weather and snow south of border.

Paul Ridge

Making the occasional Paul Ridge trip…

Mount Strachan

A quick tour with my friend Pascal on the North Shore.

Rainbow Mountain: South Chute

A nice trip from the Callaghan side up Rainbow Mountain to ski the prominent south facing gully back to 21 Mile Creek.

Mount Seymour

Had a great sunrise Trip up Mount Seymour with Jeff and Mike.

Hollyburn Mountain

Hollyburn was in pretty reasonable condition in January so I made my way up there a number of times with a variety of good folk.

Hollyburn Mountain

Hanging with the MEC team in the North Shore. I wish I had know where dlav was going to take the organization..