Beverley Lake – Hanging Lake Loop

A poor avalanche forecast sent a large crowd of us looking for mellow terrain. what we found was a horrible snow conditions, good weather and great company!

Check out Grahame’s picts.
Check out Dave’s picts.

Malcolm heading up Beverley Creek.

Finally, the subalpine!

Where’s that lake?

Julie and Matt talk project management.

Dave: “I think I recognize this terrain…”
Matt: “No Dave, we were in a different valley.”

Rob, now rocking the good looking touque. Ex girlfriends and photographers rejoice!

Grahame. Check out that red Icebreaker!!!

Finally, the lake… beautiful views!

Rainbow Mountain above Beverely Lake.

Lunch break. What’s next? Maybe we should ski out via Hanging Lake and chance the olympic closures.

Kudos to dave and his yellow jacket!

Frank. I think he’s secretely hoping we’ll ski out across the Pemberton Icecap.

Rob. “I think the first line of tactical defense infantry will be positioned here.”

Four minds, four routes.

Scenic Beverely Lake.

The crew: Rob, Grahame, Frank, Mike, Julie, Malcolm, Stephen, Dave and Matt.

Yummy… breakable crust and frozen surfaces…

Well, it beats skiing on the crappy snow…

Dave flashes me a look of confidence as we proceed through the olympic closure at the Callaghan cross country area.