Wolf Ridge

Early season trip to Kootenay Pass from the East Kootenays.

Devil’s Tongue

Doug, Mark and I went out for a long day and climbed Devil’s Tongue. Good times!

Mount Paddy

Another solo outing getting to know the backyard – this time the Purcells

Hunter Peak

Another solo outing getting to know the new backyard. Went partway up Banana Chute but firm refreeze with runnels wasn’t that appealing.

Snowpeak Mountain

Great intro to the St. Mary’s Valley with a solo adventure to an aesthetic peak.

Dob Glacier

First tour with Andrew and Chris, connected with Jeff for a Rockies trip.

Jumbo Valley Trees

A couple first: first backountry ski after moving to Kimberley and first tour using my new (used) sled!

Blowdown Peak

Great run down a prominent path above the Duffey Lake Road.

Rohr Lake

Big crew in good snow conditions and sunny weather.