Circle Lake

Early season in the Blackcomb backcountry.

Disease Ridge

Early season touring on Blackcomb before the alpine has opened.

Chief Hike

Teagan and Maia team up for munchkin hike up the Chief First Peak!

Box Canyon

I haven’t descended many of canyons, but of the ones I’ve visited, Box Canyon is far and away my favorite. Good times with Lisa and Pascal.

Downton Creek

Squamish families on a Duffey Lake backpacking trip.

Callaghan Family Canoe

Excited to be back on the coast, we teamed up with Teresa, Antony and Kiera for a fun overnight on Callaghan Lake.

Mount Marilyn

A classic destination for the East Kootenay tourer.

Lustrous Peak

Fantastic trip up a peak I had been keen to check out for some time.

West Fork

Great touring on a very cold day.

Mount Gill

More good times in the Kootenay backcountry.