Chief Hike

Teagan and Maia team up for munchkin hike up the Chief First Peak!

Box Canyon

I haven’t descended many of canyons, but of the ones I’ve visited, Box Canyon is far and away my favorite. Good times with Lisa and Pascal.

Downton Creek

Squamish families on a Duffey Lake backpacking trip.

Callaghan Family Canoe

Excited to be back on the coast, we teamed up with Teresa, Antony and Kiera for a fun overnight on Callaghan Lake.

Mount Marilyn

A classic destination for the East Kootenay tourer.

Lustrous Peak

Fantastic trip up a peak I had been keen to check out for some time.

West Fork

Great touring on a very cold day.

Mount Gill

More good times in the Kootenay backcountry.