Chisel Chute & Foon Alley

Nice end to the year in the Blackcomb backcountry but it’s time for a reset. Solar aspects were getting warm in the afternoon and there was a bit of wind affect up high. Plus a few tracks out there…

Cham Chute and Vista Chute

Pretty good conditions today in Blackcomb backcountry. Lots of good snow out there. Cham Chutes 1 is still rocky, I would suggest waiting til it fills in a bit more if you want to avoid core shots. Vista chute is filled in. Spearhead Glacier is in considerably better shape. The access from VistaBowl was quite…

Trorey Glacier

Opening weekend for Blackcomb = backcountry fun! Headed out past Decker towards Pattison. Slopes were wind affected up high but there were good turns to be had. Lots of open crevasses. I was pleased to need my headlamp.

Vista Bowl and Corona Bowl

More good time in the Blackcomb backcountry on opening weekend. Used a rope crossing Spearhead Glacier from Vista Bowl – some open slots there as of last weekend. Upper Spearhead Glacier had numerous open slots, people had been working around them to access Husume. Good snow and coverage in upper Corona, the lower half had…

Brew Hut

Family backpacking trip to Brew Hut.

Rohr Lake

Hiked into Rohr Lake with Teagan, Maia and Lucie.

Tricouni Lake

Fun three family outing up to Tricouni Lake from Chance Creek.

Tricouni Lake

Fun three family outing to Tricouni Lake from Change Creek.

Gondola Backpacking

Great munchkin backpacking trip up Al’s Habrich Ridge Trail from the Sea to Sky Gondola with Mike, Lucie, Anna and Maia.

Whirlwind Peak

Toured out towards Whirlwind and with Antony and Stephen for a pleasant day of skiing.

Vista Bowl

Made a trip out to ski vista bowl while the munchkin was at ski school. What a life! Thanks Whistler!

Spearhead Traverse

Back out for another trip around the Spearhead – twice in two weeks! When a trip is this good it’s a pleasure to repeat.

Spearhead Glacier

Got out for a great day behing Blackcomb with Pascal. Good times.

Spearhead Traverse

Can’t beat a trip around the Spearhead, even if the weather isn’t perfect…

Shutter Glacier

Touring out to the Shutter Glacier with Ziff. Good times.

Mount Pattison

Having fun in the Blackcomb backcountry. Great start to 2015.