Blackcomb Backcountry: Vista & Corona

More good time in the Blackcomb backcountry on opening weekend. Used a rope crossing Spearhead Glacier from Vista Bowl – some open slots there as of last weekend. Upper Spearhead Glacier had numerous open slots, people had been working around them to access Husume. Good snow and coverage in upper Corona, the lower half had…

Trorey Glacier

Opening weekend for Blackcomb = backcountry fun! Headed out past Decker towards Pattison. Slopes were wind affected up high but there were good turns to be had. Lots of open crevasses. I was pleased to need my headlamp.

Marriott Basin

Beautiful weather at Marriott Basin. Checked out the Wendy Thompson Hut and got some turns in north of the hut.

Black Tusk

Hard to beat a day like today. Biked up the Microwave Road for a great day of skiing around Black Tusk.