Chisel Chute & Foon Alley

Nice end to the year in the Blackcomb backcountry but it’s time for a reset. Solar aspects were getting warm in the afternoon and there was a bit of wind affect up high. Plus a few tracks out there…

Cowboy Ridge & The Corral

Great skiing on Cowboy Ridge and the Corral Tuesday Dec 22. Singing Pass Trail is in great shape.

Cham Chute and Vista Chute

Pretty good conditions today in Blackcomb backcountry. Lots of good snow out there. Cham Chutes 1 is still rocky, I would suggest waiting til it fills in a bit more if you want to avoid core shots. Vista chute is filled in. Spearhead Glacier is in considerably better shape. The access from VistaBowl was quite…

Musical Bumps

More great touring off Whistler in the Oboe Creek area.