Stadium Glacier

Great day touring with John, Grahame and Mike in the Stadium Glacier area. Lot more exploring to do in this area.

Ledge-Ledgeling Couloir

More fun exploration in the Sea to Sky Gondola backcountry. Marty and I turned around partway up this couloir due to the presence of windslab but managed to make an enjoyable tour out of the day.

Hanging Lake

Out with a good crew for some storm skiing above Hanging Lake.

Cowboy Ridge & The Corral

Had a fantastic day in the Whistler backcountry with some fine folks. Skied a short chute in the Corral but wind effect sent us back to the Cowboy Ridge where we found excellent snow conditions. Headed up Oboe Views towards Fissile Robin in the Apostles GQ in a Corral Chute Robin in Corral Chute Geoff…

Cowboy Ridge

Great trip with Marty and Wilf out to Cowboy Ridge. Fantastic conditions!

Chuting Gallery

Just another day in the Blackcomb Backcountry. Good times in the Chuting Gallery.

Panorama Ridge

Great tour with Wilf up Panorama Ridge. Garibaldi Lake is so spectacular prior to freezing that it’s well worth the hike. We walked to Taylor meadows and skinned from there. Wilf heading towards Panorama Ridge. Garibaldi Lake from the Panorama Ridge summit. Summit time. Skinning back to the summit after the first run. Run two…

Cerise Creek

Despite a gloomy prospects of snow quality due to high freezing levels, Mike and I headed out to the Duffey for an early season ramble into Cerise Creek. Low and behold we had the valley to ourselves! First views up into the alpine revealed recent avalanche activity above the Anniversary Glacier. Nice views of Matier…

Metaldome Season Opener

As with every year I was more than a little excited to get out skiing once the feeling of summer had given way to fall. The October an early round of cold weather and snow and I was lucky to get out for a tour with some new friends. We headed to Metaldome with the intent of…

Sky Pilot

Second time up Sky Pilot this summer but it’s a great route so why not?

Tricouni Peak East Ridge – Cypress Peak

Hadn’t been up the East Ridge of Tricouni yet, what a great route! Had enough time to wander over to Cypress peak while we were at it. Good times with Ziff and John !

Armchair Traverse

What a day. Ziff, John and I had an incredible traversing from Cook to Weart. Fantastic scrambling over 4th class terrain, spectacular views and a sea of clouds below. Certainly worth the effort.

Downton Creek

Big crew of parents and munchkins in the alpine. The three day trip was cut short given poor weather but still a fun outing.

Co Pilot

Got out with Teresa and Antony for a trip up  Co Pilot  

Illal Meadows

A big family outing to Illal Meadows off the Coquihalla.


Been more than a few years since I’ve been up Slalok. Great trip with Grahame and John.  

Rethel Couloir

Headed up to Wedgemount Lake with a great crew and headed up the Rethel Couloir. Conditions were firm, far from optimal. We made it up to a stone’s throw from the summit, then made our way home. Good times in the Coast Mountains!

Wedge Mountain South Face

Wandered over to Wedge from Blackcomb before the new snowfall began. Pretty straightforward and good snow for the descent. Tried an exit out Rethel Creek. Was fine up high but deteriorated significantly lower down. I wouldn’t recommend travel on the south side of the creek.