Shovelnose to Tricouni Traverse

Back to Shovelnose for more early season touring. Great trip with John and Carl on the Squamish-Cheakamus Divide with a quick side trip up Cypress Peak.

Shovelnose Creek

Another day on the Squamish-Cheakamus Divide. Weatherman got it wrong, our blue sky day clouded over. Great day out with some buddies, but where the heck is the snow?

Black Tusk

Great views, poor snow. High freezing levels and significant rain have knocked the snowpack back a notch. Thank goodness for the scenery.

Shovelnose Creek

Fantastic day skiing around Mount Fee. After a rainy night we expected isothermal snow – expectations were far surpassed.

Hidden Peak Glacier

Multi sport day paddling across Callaghan Lake, hiking past Cirque Lake to a glacier on the flank of Hidden Peak. Found some good corn skiing on solar aspects.

Shovelnose Creek

Beautiful day for spending some time in the alpine on the Squamish-Cheakamus Divide

A Social Backcountry

It was great getting to work with Heather on this project. I enjoyed getting to share my perspective on how mountain recreation is changing in today’s world. A Social Backcountry from Heather Mosher on Vimeo. Ubyssey wrote an article about the film.

Sigurd Lake

Another trip to Sigurd Lake. Pretty special place and hard to imagine running into anyone there.

Lydia Mountain

Enjoyable day scrambling up Lydia Mountain above Lake Lovelywater with Wilf.


Eric rallied a great crew for quick trip up the Stonecrop Glacier.

Brandywine Mountain

Late spring trip up Brandywine Mountain. Not quite a full overnight crust recovery but still a beautiful day to be up in the mountains and some fun spring turns on the way down.

Ipsoot Mountain

Ipsoot has been on my list for a while. It wound up being a fairly easy ascent from high roads in the Rutherford River Valley. Great trip.

Exodus Mountain

Spring makes for great trips off of Forest Service Roads. Exodus is an excellent peak to visit at the south end of the Pemberton Icecap.

Spearhead Traverse

Marginal weather in the Spearhead but still enough visibility for a quick lap of the range

Cheakamus Mountain

After an unsuccessful attempt a few weeks ago, Ross, Dan, Mike and I gave a go at climbing Cheakamus Mountain. We had great conditions and managed to climb and ski the west aspect of the peak. Great day with great folks.

Shudder Glacier

Another great day in the Spearhead Range touring out to the Shudder Glacier, followed by a link up with Tremor Side Right. Good times!

Phalanx Mountain

Everything had been trashed by the wind. Good day to go for a tour.