Mount Marilyn

A classic destination for the East Kootenay tourer.

Lustrous Peak

Fantastic trip up a peak I had been keen to check out for some time.

West Fork

Great touring on a very cold day.

Mount Gill

More good times in the Kootenay backcountry.

Angus Creek

Another great Kootenay day of touring.    

Little Sand

Great day for a tour… but things went sideways…

Bull Mountain

Stretching the season out a bit with a trip up Bull.

Boulder Loop

Yet another amazing Kootenay ski with the unstoppable Andrew and Tara.

Middle Sister

Hanging with Andy in Fernie for more touring fun on a classic peak.


Can’t get enough Kootenay Touring!

Egypt Loop

More fun in the Kootenay Backcountry.

Kootenay Pass

Good skiing in Kootenay Pass with some old friends.

Stumble Basin

Hanging out with Kris in the Purcell backcountry.

Wolf Ridge

Early season trip to Kootenay Pass from the East Kootenays.

Mount Paddy

Another solo outing getting to know the backyard – this time the Purcells

Hunter Peak

Another solo outing getting to know the new backyard. Went partway up Banana Chute but firm refreeze with runnels wasn’t that appealing.

Snowpeak Mountain

Great intro to the St. Mary’s Valley with a solo adventure to an aesthetic peak.

Dob Glacier

First tour with Andrew and Chris, connected with Jeff for a Rockies trip.

Jumbo Valley Trees

A couple first: first backountry ski after moving to Kimberley and first tour using my new (used) sled!