Blackcomb Backcountry: Decker

Great day in the Blackcomb backcountry skiing the Thumb, Pork Boss, 9th Hole and 18th Hole on Decker Mountain, 19th Hole on Disease Ridge and a sunset lap of DOA.

Phalanx Mountain

Fantastic skiing in the Blackcomb backcountry. First tracks on the Spine, Spearhead shoulder and Spearhucker. Such a good area for day tripping.

Spearhead Traverse

Marginal weather in the Spearhead but still enough visibility for a quick lap of the range

Cheakamus Mountain

After an unsuccessful attempt a few weeks ago, Ross, Dan, Mike and I gave a go at climbing Cheakamus Mountain. We had great conditions and managed to climb and ski the west aspect of the peak. Great day with great folks.

Shudder Glacier

Another great day in the Spearhead Range touring out to the Shudder Glacier, followed by a link up with Tremor Side Right. Good times!

Phalanx Mountain

Everything had been trashed by the wind. Good day to go for a tour.

Cowboy Ridge

Skiing Oboe and Cowboy Ridge during munchkin ski lessons.


Birthday ski off Whistler

Iago Northwest Face

After three attempts we found good conditions on the face. Patience pays off…

Spearhead Traverse

Headed out with thoughts of steep skiing. Conditions didn’t pan out for the steeps but it was an excellent day for the traverse.

Spearhead Traverse

We set out with ambitions of steep skiing but didn’t find the conditions we were looking for. Spearhead day trip was the consolation prize. Hard to beat! To learn more about the Spearhead Traverse click here.

Cowboy Ridge & The Corral

Had a fantastic day in the Whistler backcountry with some fine folks. Skied a short chute in the Corral but wind effect sent us back to the Cowboy Ridge where we found excellent snow conditions. Headed up Oboe Views towards Fissile Robin in the Apostles GQ in a Corral Chute Robin in Corral Chute Geoff…

Cowboy Ridge

Great trip with Marty and Wilf out to Cowboy Ridge. Fantastic conditions!