East Kootenay Hiking

I’m a big fan of mountain exploration and over the years I’ve spent a fair bit of time hiking and backpacking, primarily in the East Kootenays which encompass portions of the Purcell and Rocky Mountains. As part of this exploration I co-authored the hiking guidebook ‘Hikes Around Invermere and the Columbia Valley with Aaron Cameron in 1998. It was published by Rocky Mountain Books.

More information about the guidebook can be found here.

International Basin

Limestone Lakes

Snowman Pass

Buster Lake

Black Slide

Snowman Pass

Silent Mountain

“Located in the southeast corner of British Columbia, the Windermere Valley is at the headwaters of the mighty Columbia. The ideal base for exploring this spectacular country of the northern Purcells and the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies is the picturesque town of Invermere.

From short strolls to dayhikes to overnighters to major, committing mountaineering routes, this book has all the information you need to get out there and enjoy the most beautiful spots at Spillimacheen River, Horsethief, Toby and Frances creeks and Mount Assiniboine as well as in the Stanford Range, the Bugaboos, Kootenay National Park and Height of the Rockies. Here you’ll find descriptions of not only the hikes themselves but the highway approaches, accommodations and services, emergency contacts and much, much more.”